Happy Vegan Thanksgiving! — 2015 Recipe Roundup for a Delicious Plant-Based Feast

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away? Thanks to the experiments of innovative vegans, plant-based eaters no longer have to fear this holiday. Gone are the days when Thanksgiving as a vegan meant picking at the mashed potatoes and hoping someone remembered to bring a salad. You might still have to deal with some jokes about Tofurky, but if you include recipes from this roundup in your holiday spread, it won’t be long before everyone’s too busy to say anything except, “Mmmmmm…”

I usually give a little blurb about each recipe, but there are so many amazing options out there for Thanksgiving that I’ll let them speak for themselves. Enjoy!



Start the day off right to avoid overindulging during the main meal with one of these seasonal breakfast dishes. They’re sure to put you in the Thanksgiving mood!

Snacks & Sips

Serve one (or all!) of these tasty starters to get your guests warmed up for the feast to come.


A good salad is often absent from the traditional Thanksgiving table. These recipes ensure that everyone gets their greens!

Stuffing & Sides

What’s Thanksgiving dinner without a few (updated) classics?

Main Dishes

Looking for a plant-based centerpiece that blows everyone out of the water? With these gracing your table, those Tofurky jokes will be things of the past.

As I was looking for vegan loaf recipes, I stumbled upon a great tool on Vegan Lunch Box: the Magical Loaf Studio! It lets you quickly create a customized main dish loaf by choosing ingredients from lists like Protein, Carbohydrate, Vegetables and Spices. Click the “Submit!” button, and out comes your recipe.

And for those of you who were waiting for a version of the Vegducken that didn’t call for eggs and two sticks of butter, feast your eyes (and your taste buds) on this amazing plant-based version from Klunker’s Kitchen. It’s a lot of work, but it makes a beautiful centerpiece that looks way more attractive on the table than a gigantic dead bird.


There are plenty of vegan pumpkin pie recipes, but how about thinking outside the box to satisfy your sweet tooth this year?

Looking for More Inspiration?


VegKitchen has everything you could possibly want for a plant-based Thanksgiving, and then some! There’s also this great list of ten “New Tradition” recipes to change up your holiday table.

That’s it for this year! Remember to take some time to really reflect on what you’re thankful for. God gives so bountifully, and this is the perfect time of year to recognize that and express gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you planning on serving this Thanksgiving? Will your own roundup include any of these tasty dishes?

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