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Recipe: 2-Bean Chipotle Chili — Hot Vegan Spice!

vegan chipotle chili

It’s been a bizarre winter here in QV land.  Actually, to look at it, it’s been a bizarre winter pretty much everywhere.  One day its 50F and raining like crazy, and a few days later it’s barely into the single digits with wind chills that’ll literally take your nose off if you’re not careful.  Needless [...]

Making Chili at Seasonal Transition Times

chilean bean stew

Being firmly in the grasp of winter has me thinking back on the waning days of summer and early warm days of fall, when the farmer’s market was still set up outside and the last of the “summery” foods were making their final appearances for the year.  Peaches were just giving way to apples and, [...]

Beans and Mushrooms: Earthy Chili for Anytime

vegan bean and mushroom chili

I often tell people that I’ll try anything that’s whole-foods-vegan once.  Usually this results in my wanting to have said food again and again and again, but whether or not I wind up with a new favorite, I always manage to find something interesting to cook. Take the Bean and Mushroom Chili in the Forks [...]

Recipe: Vegan Chipotle Sweet Potato Chili for Autumn

vegan chipotle sweet potato chili

As much as I’d like to continue denying it, fall is here.  The leaves are almost at peak, mornings and evenings are cooler and the wood stove is starting to see some use.  (If your leaves are still green, I kind of envy you.  It’s very pretty but living at a slight elevation makes the [...]

Saying Goodbye to Summer with (Vegan) Chili

vegan lentil millet chili

As you can probably tell by the infrequent nature of my posts lately, school is still eating my life. But you know what?  I love it.  Anyone who’s known me in real life for any length of time would understand how bizarre a statement this is.  I’ve always liked learning, but I have never liked [...]

‘Tis the Season for Pumpkin

vegan pumpkin quinoa chili

Though pumpkin and other fall flavors will soon be swamped by all things peppermint and Christmas-y, there’s still some time left to enjoy the comfort foods that can be made with this versatile squash.  I haven’t invented any recipes of my own this year, but there are plenty of delicious ones floating around the blogosphere [...]

Lenils & Beans & Spicy Chili Goodness

Have you ever asked yourself, “Lentils or beans?” …all right, me neither.  But if you ever do find yourself in that conundrum, the lentil chili recipe in the Forks Over Knives cookbook will solve it by not forcing you to choose.  Red lentils and red beans appear in this thick and flavorful concoction that’s good [...]

Vegan Chocolate Chili: An Earthy Experience

First off, I want to say…wow.  Thanks for all of your responses to and sharing of my posts for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, especially the post on “fat talk.”  I never expected so many people would be impacted, and I’m glad you all took the time to comment and share! Sometimes going back through [...]

Fun with Wheat Berries (& Lunchtime Salad Recipe)!

Remember when I bought wheat berries?  (Maybe not; it was a while ago.)  One of the first things I do after buying something “because it’s on sale” is to browse for recipes that 1) make good use of it and 2) sound worthwhile.  Thanks to Google and the plethora of awesome food bloggers out there, [...]

Stew Fail Becomes Chili Win

Yesterday I blogged about a stew that came together really well.  The stew I’m posting about today…not so much. You know how every once and a while you come across a recipe that sounds like it will either be very good or very bad?  That’s how I felt about the Caribbean stew in Vegan Fire [...]

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